Wythe Hotel

Constructed in 1901 as a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront, the Wythe underwent an incredible conversion shifting the space from a deserted factory to a glamorous 70-room hotel space. The Wythe Hotel is a stunning real-world representation of the adage, “What’s old is new again.”

The hotel’s remarkable design features a blending of vintage furnishings housed well within a contemporary feel, as seen on the hotel’s many wallpapered surfaces and traditional table-and-chairs settings. Exposed brick runs throughout the hotel, with pine ceilings, arched windows and hundreds of purposeful industrial details lining the space.

Open daily at the hotel is the Reynard, open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and features a small, well-thought-out menu. The Ides Bar sits just about the Reynard and features a first-come-first-served mentality, with a ban on photography. As if the hotel could not do better, they’ve recently announced the launch of the Wythe Cinema, which boasts rare screenings of artist’s exhibits and films.

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