Windsor Custom

Secretly seated just underneath The Ainsworth, Windsor Custom’s exclusive, custom menswear line draws a unique, well-dressed clientele that doesn’t shy away from mixing tailored fits with sophisticated prints. The made-to-measure suiting boutique was brought to life under the knowing eye of Brian Mazza and Matt Shendell and together, they’ve outfitted everyone from Ryan Lochte to Albert Brooks and their well-tailored menswear has been hailed on Golden Globes red carpets and conference rooms alike.

Ranging from tweed to plaid, Mazza and Shendell never shy away from style, even tempting fashion by stitching roses, skulls, paisley and patterns into the inside of the suit’s lining. A concierge-style service greets guests when they walk in, with favors including a full bar, tasting menu, pool table and the utmost in discretion.

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