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Two Hands Café

Tucked neatly into the heart of Little Italy, Two Hands Café serves New Yorkers as the trendy, popular, and delicious Australian getaway the city, quite frankly, didn’t know it was missing. The cozy café’s location — on Mott Street, bordering Chinatown — might sound misplaced, but it’s quickly become a mecca for coffee drinkers and buffs of delicious, health-minded dishes. Led by Sydney expats Henry Roberts and Giles Russell, Two Hands celebrates all the highlights of a day well done: minimalistic, tranquil, and refreshing ambiance and décor; rich, bold coffee that satisfies; fare that fuels; and, most importantly, a community-centric atmosphere that allows its patrons to collaborate and inspire each other.

In an interview with Eat Boutique, Russell and Roberts explained their vision for Two Hands to be more than just a neighborhood coffee shop with impeccable offerings: “We also felt NYC was missing a coffee shop that was full of life; full of people meeting and conversing and creating. It’s a very Australian thing for the local cafe to be the real congregation point where people come together over a few coffees. While that exists in New York, it’s mellower. In Australia cafes are bustling, loud and full of life – we wanted to bring that culture to NYC.” Guests are greeted with community-style seating as well as individual tables, a gorgeous whitewashed brick backdrop, and a rotating calendar of visiting art that’s both unique to the space and for sale. The menu includes all the staple favorites: coffee, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, authentic Australian flat white, avocado toast, health bowls, eggs, toast, sandwiches, and an abundance of health juices.

Even though it’s only been roughly a year since the downtown coffee and eatery first opened, Two Hands is bracing for a bigger celebration than just its first birthday: They’re opening a second location, Two Hands 2.0, on Church Street. The namesake restaurant will bear a distinct resemblance to its sister location, only this time Russell and Roberts will wow their guests with lunch and dinner fare as well. In an interview with Grub Street, Russell said that the plan for their second location very much mimics the blueprint for their first. “The reason we opened Two Hands is so our new friends and old friends could all just hang out and have a coffee, and feel no pressure — a place where you can come as you are and do what you want,” he said. “This will hopefully be the same, with just a few more people, and some more food and cocktails. It’s a natural progression. We feel like we have more to say.”

Two Hands on Mott Street is open daily from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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