The Colony Grill Room

There are ample locations in London that provide travelers with a taste of the Britain’s sister nation, but little do so with as much flavor, tact, and experience as The Colony Grill Room. Located in Mayfair, housed within The Beaumont Hotel, The Colony Grill Room seized a prized moment in American history and welcomes guests to visit the preserved beauty seven days a week. The Art Deco period is present around every turn: from the seating and the table arrangements to the wall décor and the menu offerings.

The fare is a mix of American staples and British classics, like the Duck Egg Hashes and The English, both of which mix western glamour with eastern accuracy. The All Day A La Carte Menu also hints at a merger of flavors that both countries are known for, with dishes like Macaroni Cheese and the Pastrami Reuben seated right next to offerings like the Chicken Liver Parfait and a Cornish Fish Stew.

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