The Cloisters

Founded in May of 1938, The Cloisters have been a staple New York landmark for ages, and like any incredible piece of architecture, both its function and fashion have not only stood the test of time, its inspired it. The Cloisters are a castle-like museum comprised of medieval cloisters imported from France. Each cloister is filled with art and artifacts. Most popular among the sites are The Unicorn Tapestries: a group of seven wall hangings portraying the mythological hunt and capture of a — of course — a unicorn. More artwork and sculpture can be found inside each of the cloister buildings: water vessels shaped like animals, stained glass and ivories, manuscripts, religious sculptures. New York Magazine notes that many visitors unsurprisingly just come to admire the building itself, shaped with antiqued structures, amazing vistas, a 12-century chapel, and sprawling monastery gardens.

One glowing review of The Cloisters reads that it’s one of the most distinctive museums out there. “Its focus is Medieval European art and architecture, mostly out of a Catholic tradition. The building itself, located right along a lovely stretch of the Hudson, is made of portions of a hodgepodge of medieval cloisters, monasteries, abbeys, castles, etc.,” and continues, “it is very cool to walk through rooms and courtyards, down hallways, or up/down staircases of buildings that are many centuries old and were designed for the practical purposes of the time and the occupants.”

The Cloisters are open seven days a week with hours changing depending on the season. During its summer schedule (May 27 to September 2), The Cloisters are open late on Fridays until 7:30 p.m.

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