Pitt Cue Co. Restaurant

For an American lost in London, Pitt Cue Co. offers expats a savory, satisfying taste of the heartland. The soho-located restaurant, founded in 2011 on a dream that American BBQ would sit well in the stomach of the British, opened up a location on Newburgh Street and has, ever since, sweetened up London’s taste palate. The two-floor barbeque oasis offers a petite bar on the upper level, complete with pork scratchings and crowd favorites like Pabst Blue Ribbon and bourbon in basically anything. Downstairs, the dining room seats about thirty patrons — intimately. There’s a strict no reservation policy but the upside is you’re never a stranger: You’ll get to know your neighbor (and your server) in the cozy space.

Kitchen hours run Monday to Saturday from 12 to 3 and again from 6 to 10:30, and on Sundays, you can dig in on greasy eats from 12 to 4. Everything from the menu, to the service, to the eats boasts personality aplenty.

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