Pinewood Social

After the ballooning success of their first Nashville restaurant, The Catbird Seat, Max and Benjamin Goldberg launched their latest food spot, the stylish and trendy Pinewood Social. Nicknamed the “all-day hang out with first rate cuisine,” Pinewood Social aims to give patrons something to eat – and then hang out around.

Nashville native Landy Gardner Interiors designed the entire downtown space with a helping hand from the Reunion, a New York-based firm. Together, the designers transformed a trolley bar with sky-high ceilings and exposed brick walls into a coffee stand, restaurant and bar space that cleverly combines work and play like you’ve never seen.

For the brothers, their second entrepreneurial venture has a little something for everyone. After a delicious meal, guests are encouraged to hit the bocce court, take in a few cocktails in the 70s-themed Airstream bar trailer or, if they’re up for it, take a dip in the restaurant’s lavish pool.

When guests are done exploring the quirky space, the food is just as breathtaking as the scene. They serve a modern take on the traditional classics like pot roast and fried chicken and give others, like the grilled pork chops, a mouthwatering makeover.

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