Mori Art Museum

The contemporary art museum, founded by real estate developed Minoru Mori, is home to some of the most notable works of our era. Housed on the 53rd floor of a 54-story building, the Mori Art Museum has made a name for itself in the global theater by choosing not to show a permanent collection, but rather by putting on temporary, revolving showcases by contemporary artists.

Committed to presenting a wide range of exhibitions and public programs that feature cutting edge visual arts, architecture and design, Mori also presents enthusiasts with modern Asian art trends, with a profound focus on special cultural systems and structures.

One of the many goals of the museum is to seamlessly blend together their “Art + Life” principle in an effort to help an enriched society realize where art folds effortlessly into every aspect of life.

Because of the museum’s rotating schedule, an up-to-date list of the exhibition schedule can be found online.

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