La Esquina

The aptly named La Esquina, sitting on a corner between SoHo and Nolita in Manhattan, is easy to spot with it’s glowing neon placard. Finding the physical location is only the beginning of the culinary adventure, as you’re met with three dining opportunities, each unique and scrumptious. The taqueria is the most efficient option for exceptional tacos and tortas, served in a casual environment harkening back to the previous use of the space as a diner. Just around the corner is the cafe, slightly more up-market in ambiance and incorporating additional menu items, among which the steamed mussels are a consistent favorite. For the indoctrinated and adventurous, there’s the below ground dining room, favored by numerous New York luminaries. While it can be a challenge to find and gain entry, you will undoubtedly feel taken care of as you’re whisked through the kitchen itself into the candlelit dining room to sample carefully prepared Mexican classics, along with an exceptional selection of hard-to-find tequilas. So, whether it’s a quick lunch or a special evening you have in mind, La Esquina fits the bill.

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