Hotel Le Saint-Paul

Saint Paul-De-Vence is one of the most picturesque towns that make up the landscape of the French Riviera. This walled medieval town dates back to the 13th century, and draws visitors in with it’s narrow cobblestone streets and sweeping views of the French countryside and coastline. The biggest complaint about Saint Paul-De-Vence is that there are too many tourists, and that’s fair enough. But in fairness, so many flock here precisely because it’s such a magical place. And there’s a very elegant choice in lodging, Le Saint Paul Hotel, that allows you to take in all of the beauty of the town, while remaining properly comfortable and in a private setting. With just over a dozen uniquely decorated guest rooms, you’ll feel more like you’re a house guest at a beautiful private estate than any typical hotel guest. Every room within the hotel is well-appointed and the public areas are just about perfect. When you settle into an outdoor table on the stone patio, you’ll sip great wine and dine on an authentically prepared menu featuring the tastes of Provence. It’s a stay that will stick with you, long after you’ve slowly drifted down the winding roads leading you out of this special spot.

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