Hermès Maison – Shanghai

The Parisian fashion house opened its first Chinese “maison” in early fall in Shanghai’s Middle Huaihai Road, the high-end fashion neighborhood known for its luxury and designer goods. Housed in a historic four-story brick mansion with construction that dates back to the early 20th century, Hermès invested six years of renovations into the vintage building before it was a fit for the fashion mecca. Prior to their luxe takeover, the 1920s building was once a school and then a police station before its conversion to a fashion house.

Now, the first three floors of the Hermès Maison feature accessories, jewelry, pieces from both the ready-to-wear and equestrian collection, as well as pieces from the home collection, and a lounge bar for customers. The fourth floor is a designated exhibition and event space.

Much like the brand’s other flagship stores, the Chinese maison is as much a brick-and-mortar as it is a work of true Chinese art, with wooden cabinets set against off-white walls displaying nearly the entire range of products. It’s a testament to Hermès continued international success, especially in a market that’s as touch-and-go as the Chinese.

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