Fregate Island Private

In the Seychelles, Fregate Island Private floats freely in the Indian Ocean seated just four degrees south of the equator. It’s a year-round vacation; the type of island you only imagine could exist in dreams.

The island features 16 beautifully-crafted residences with private, grand pools, seven beaches – one dubbed “Most Beautiful in the World” – a private inland harbor and yacht club, a secluded island peninsula home to The Banyan Hill Estate, sanctuary to more than 100 different types of tropical birds, indigenous forests, a historic chapel, island-grown fruits and vegetables, and a custom-made Tree House built into one of the islands oldest and largest banyan trees.

While the islands amenities go on and on, the Fregate House features the island’s reception desk, boutique, library, main restaurant, a collection of vintage rums and whiskeys, wine-tasting cellar and the Pirates Bar beach hut. On the island, everything is taken care of. All you have to do is show up.

But if sharing with others isn’t exactly your version of a vacation well spent, you can rent the Fregate in its entirety, craft your own personalized guest list, and forgo every worry on earth.

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