Fera at Claridge’s

The London-based luxury staple hotel Claridge’s just made room for a red-hot new addition: a modern, fresh-faced restaurant that totally breaks from the hotel’s typically play-it-safe attitude. Fera, led by Chef Simon Rogan, means “wild beast” in Latin and so far, it’s pleasantly shaken up Claridge’s mealtime offerings. Advertising itself as an “experience inspired by the rhythms of nature,” Fera utilizes seasonal ingredients – including harvests from his own nearby farm – as the backbone of its seasonal menu that showcase Chef Rogan’s deep connection to the world around him.

Currently, Fera offers a regular three-course prixe-fixe menu, tasting menus, and entry-level lunch menus (for two courses and three courses) as well as a comprehensive cocktail menu and a bar fully stocked with spirits. More often than not, cooks accompany the meals as they make their way to guests’ tables, explaining how they were prepared and the thought behind the meal’s inspiration.

At Fera, the inspiration is in wild and foraged produce, tastes and textures you’ve probably never heard of before, let alone even thought of before. But hungry mouths don’t lie: the tender, creamy and savory flavors have guests staying for dessert – and coming back for more.

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