China Tang

Tucked inside the iconic London hotel The Dorchester, Sir David Tang’s China Tang restaurant has developed a reputation almost as historic as the hotel it calls home. Serving up some of the most authentic Cantonese fare outside of China, China Tang boasts classical dishes and recipes made with traditional spices and flavors.

The inside was designed to “evoke a romantic sense of the art deco” of the ‘30s, and an abundance of Chinese motifs (known as chinoiserie) and quirky objets d’art show off both traditional and contemporary Chinese art — all hand-selected by Sir David Tang himself. The restaurant also boasts a stunning bar, and for special occasions, the restaurant also offers diners 3 private dining rooms, all aptly named: Ping, Pang, and Pong; and live jazz music from the 1930s is played every Tuesday by Kitty La Roar and Nick Time.

Diners come by the handful exclusively for China Tang’s dim sum menu, featuring anything and everything dumpling, roll, cake, and pastry imaginable. Set dinner menus range from A through E (and all cost roughly 75 Euro per person) with a special menu geared toward vegetarian dinner guests. Favorites include the roast pork buns, BBQ pork cannelloni, braised rice noodles with beef in black beans, lobster dumplings, egg noodles with lobster, yellow noodles with three mushrooms, prawn satays, and, of course, Siu Mai dumplings.

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