Charm City Cakes West

If you’ve watched the Food Network in the past decade or paid any attention to the rise of after-dinner delicacies and desserts to the pinnacle of mainstream popularity, chances are high you’ve heard of the unrivaled Chef Duff Goldman and his Maryland-based masterpiece, Charm City Cakes.

The soap series, “Ace of Cakes” has been a mainstay on the Food Network for ten seasons, propelling Duff and his talented team to the forefront of the cake industry, and then on to the national spotlight. Soon after, and unsurprisingly, Duff was in demand from coast to coast. In between tapings of an all-new season of “Ace of Cakes” and a new venture in TV, a show dubbed “Sugar High”, Duff expanded his east coast-based enterprise to West Hollywood, launching Charm City Cakes West.

Duff’s west-coast base features all the usual suspects – cakes, cakes for two, and made-to-order cakes, all in an expansive, exhausting, enchantingly-delicious array of flavors, custards, creams, and fillings. Cakes can be ordered for weddings – traditional and non-traditional – birthday cakes, specialty and corporate event cakes. Cakes are available in two sizing options: tiered and sculpted.

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