Hidden at the end of a intimately-lit hallway in Tokyo’s booming Shinbashi business area is the renown eatery, Aragawa. Humble in every sense of the word, from décor to advertisements, the modest eatery feels more like an exclusive club than it does a Tokyo hotspot. But since the restaurant was named the most expensive restaurant in the world in 2006 by Forbes, there’s no denying (or hiding) the attraction of the charming locale.

Aragawa does one thing, and it does it well: Kobe beef. They’re known for their juicy, thick, tender cuts of Kobe beef, the most tender and sought after in the entire world. Since 1967, Aragawa chefs have followed their beef cuts from infancy all the way through maturity, insuring that the Tajima cattle are groomed perfectly for their customer’s insatiable dinner delight. It’s then flavored with only salt and pepper and broiled on meat skewers in a specialty oven. Fittingly, if Heaven had a last request, it would be for Aragawa – it’s that good.

They’re closed holidays and Sundays, but open daily during the week from 12pm until 11pm, and though reservations are allowed, you’d do your best to show up in person for a meal.

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