1Oak LA

The One Of A Kind brand is known around the world for their keen sense of style, enduring design and unrivaled fun – and since their January 2014 opening in LA, 1OAK has become a mainstay on the city’s nightlife scene.

When you enter the club, a cavernous hallway cloaked in Charles Darwin writings greets you. After making your way through, you’ll enter a stunning larger-than-life master ballroom befitted in gold-framed cushiony seats, gorgeous black-and-white chevron flooring, chandelier lighting and a u-shaped marble bar loaded with every cocktail and concoction you can think of.

To put it simply, if New York City and Mexico City had an affair, 1OAK would be the colorful, outrageous and wild lovechild – it’s that fun, that daring, that bold.

At 1OAK, everything is done in excess, so when you’re here, expect to bend the rules a little bit to fit your idea of fun. You’ll lounge alongside some Hollywood’s most notable fashion, sports, musical and celebrity icons. But play it cool; everyone’s here to do a little something dangerous.

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