Withings Activitè: A Sleek and Sporty Smart Watch You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Available in fall of 2014, the Withings Activitè Smart Watch won’t just clock your steps and hide a flashy USB connection from the untrained eye – it’ll log your laps, your runs and analyze your sleep, all while looking like a sophisticated and sleek timepiece. Fitbits, be damned.

The Smart Watch, according to Uncrate, looks like your basic luxury watch: It comes with a normal face, slim watch hands, a stainless steel case and a sapphire cover – but what it does beyond that is sure to outsell, outshine and outlast any fitness-inspired watch on the market. The Smart Watch is fully equipped with the technology to track your runs, your swims and your steps while providing you with an analog visualization of your progress right on the face on the watch. Once you’ve plugged it on to your computer, you’ll even get a more thorough understanding of the way your body’s moving. Hell, Withings will even monitor your sleep. This video, ahead of the fall release, shows you just what the Smart Watch is capable of – in the gym, while you sleep and on the street.

Talk about working round the clock.

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