With the Help of New York and Sinatra, Jeter Bids Farewell to the City That Raised Him

Debuting on the YES network and on FOX television over the weekend, Derek Jeter’s latest ad spot catalog’s The Captain’s storied career the only way there is to tell it: alongside the streets of New York. In the 90-second spot, Jeter strolls through the streets of the city that housed, fed, bathed and loved him for more than 20 seasons en route to Yankee Stadium. He’s greeted by tourists, fans, strangers – even garbage men – and met with rounds of applause, autographs and displays of affection only New Yorkers could show to a loved one. It’s both a figurative and literal farewell tour, with Jeter stopping off at Stan’s Sports Bar and other iconic spots along River Avenue.

The ad, filmed for Gatorade, features Sinatra’s “My Way” and was conceptualized entirely by Jeter, a Gatorade executive leaked to Adweek. The ad is just the first of a two-part release that Jeter will do for Gatorade. Next up is a letter to the city itself, which will appear simultaneously on Sports Illustrated and in the New York Daily News. The Captain’s written hat tip will hit the press on September 28th-29th.

The ad, which the New York Post dubbed worthy of “goosebumps”, shows how uniquely intertwined Jeter and New York City really are.

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