Where Do The World’s Elite Prefer To Live?

Wondering which city you should call home? The latest report from the real estate consultancy group Knight Frank found that London and New York would stay the preferred homes of the world’s most elite for the next decade.

Studies carried out by the world-renowned real estate group in 2013 found that more than 4,224 wealthy people, with net assets of at least 30 million dollars, own a luxury residence in London. As far as the research proved, no other city in the world has championed such a concentration of people with such high capital. Researchers also found that New York will actually surpass London in 2023, with a wealthier residency calling the US hot spot home.

Hong Kong, the third runner up in the study, is also expected to expand its elite population. Singapore, Geneva and Shanghai are also rumored to close out the top six wealthiest cities. Even the Middle East is making headway, with Abu Dhabi, Istanbul and Mumbai expected to grow in size and in net worth.

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