Welcome to Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is a surreal, once in a lifetime experience that is poised to be one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year. Tomorrowland Belgium is not only a music festival but a living world that consumes guests upon an amazing weekend adventure. The festival aims to unite people from all over the world to a reality that inspires a better tomorrow. The festivities begin from July 19th through the 21st and on the 26th through the 28th. This global journey to Tomorrowland brings in over 400,000 music fans over the two weekends of the event to the small village of Boom outside Antwerp, Belgium. The number of people who travel to Belgium for Tomorrowland makes it one of the largest festivals in the world in terms of population. The mainstage is the iconic scene at Tomorrowland. The music is focused on an EDM genre but also has other forms of entertainment, drinking, and unique dining experiences. This year’s headliners include The Chainsmokers, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, A$AP Rocky, Slushii, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, and many, many more.

Experience Tomorrowland and Dreamville

Basic, one-day passes allow access to the general grounds and up to three “comfort zones” not including the main stage. Standard day passes titled “pleasure passes” begin at 105 pounds to 150 pounds. For the utmost experience at Tomorrowland, guests are advised to purchase a “Full Madness Pass.” These passes begin at 249 pounds for standard and 440 pounds for the comfort option. This option grants access to all VIP zones on the grounds including the mainstage throughout the weekend. For those looking to stay on the festival grounds, Dreamville is a pop-up city designed for guests to eat, sleep, and repeat everything EDM. The city holds tens of thousands of people for up to 5 days for each weekend. Dreamville includes a supermarket, hairdressers, make-up salons, a variety of restaurants, and constant social gatherings throughout the weekend. Options vary from Green packages where visitors can bring and set up their own tent or “CAMP2CAMP” options where a pre-pitched tent and camping gear is set up waiting for your arrival. For the most luxurious of options, Ensuite and Mansion accommodations are the best bet. Both include in-house toilets and showers and are walking distance to all of the festival stages. Mansion packages include 5 rooms with private toilets for up to 10 guests. The mansion package also comes with a private butler,a jacuzzi, a stocked fridge, a phenomenal outdoor terrace, and even an espresso machine to kick off your day at Tomorrowland.

Whale Recommendations on Where to Eat during Tomorrowland

For those looking to venture out while within the Antwerp area, here are some of our must-see options for dining. The Jane is located southeast of downtown Antwerp, Belgium and is one of the most notable options in the city. The structure itself was designed by architect Piet Boon who preserved the ceiling of an old military chapel which is now the dining room. The restaurant consists of three floors, two being bar lounges and one dining room on the ground floor looking up into the preserved chapel. For an elegant and exquisite dining option in the city head to The Jane. Lux is another phenomenal option situated overlooking the river right next to the port. The structure is actually the home of a former ship owner dating back over a century. The history put into Lux brings together a perfect overall dining experience. The food is focused on authentic Belgium cuisine, that is served with a gorgeous presentation. The Lux is located north of downtown Antwerp and is an absolute must visit if out and about in the city.

Whale Recommendations on Where to Stay during Tomorrowland

For those travelling to Belgium for the Tomorrowland Festival not looking to stay on the grounds, here is a list of some of the best accommodation options in Antwerp. Hotel Julian comes first on our list, this prestigious hotel is situated in the heart of the city overlooking the beautiful river. The hotel itself sits on a 16th-century property that has held up as some of the most exquisite in all of Belgium. Hotel Julian also supplies chauffeured town cars for easier access around the city, a renowned spa, and multiple bars whipping up cocktails to die for.

Hotel De Witte Lelie is up next. The location is only a few blocks away from Hotel Julian in the heart of Antwerp. This option has some of the most gorgeous suites in the city ranging from luxury garden suites with a balcony to a large honeymoon suite filled with marble floors and a stocked refrigerator filled with fine wines for the taking. Hotel De Witte Lelie also has some of the largest rooms in the area making for a secluded getaway from a day at the festival or an excursion around the city.

Hotel Colvenier is our third and final luxury suggestion. This 5-star hotel hits south of downtown giving a city-feel without the traffic and congestion of central Antwerp. Colvenier includes a fantastic restaurant, cocktail bar, and amazing room service for their guests. This speciality accommodation option is great for those looking to explore the amenities of Antwerp and is conveniently only a short drive from the Deurne Airport. The wine cellar is one of their special amenities where guests can pick and choose a speciality fine wine, or have one of their knowledgeable employees match it with a meal from their restaurant.

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