Vifa: Sophisticated Loudspeakers

Started in the early 1930s in Denmark, Copenhagen, Vifa quickly became the sounding board for innovative technologies all across Europe – and has been doing so ever since.

The makers of loudspeaker units for everyone from high-end brands to mom-and-pop shops, Vifa has created a series of wireless and portable loudspeakers made from the Nordic design tradition that seamlessly blend together function and fashion. Their speakers are simple, clean and minimalistic; yet they’re bold: True trendsetters in an increasingly overpopulated space. You can’t bypass a Vifa speaker; you can’t see it and not ask about it. They’re so expertly and skillfully made that they’re impossible to say no to.

Which is way the designers partnered with the Danish design and innovation consultancy design-people, lead by Henrik Mathiassen who said that the trick has been to design a “well-crafted loudspeaker that integrates itself gently in people’s lives and homes. All details are toned down to the essentials with high finish and ease of use. The exquisite basics for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as authentic sound.”

It’s sound without filler or fluff – it’s sound the way it should be.

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