The World’s Sexiest Hotel Room

The Water Villa at Six Senses in Ninh Van Bay Vietnam just took home top honors — for its sex appeal. The hotel bedroom was just named Sexiest In The World at the second annual Smith Hotel Awards. Hosted by real-life Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the award was given to the room for its stunning sunset views, king-sized bed and its peninsula-inspired locale: natural light, sea and tropical jungle views envelope the gorgeous space from three sides. The Water Villa also features a private deck for sunbathing, a handcrafted wooden bathtub, a dedicated butler on-call 24 hours a day and a mini wine cellar. The room costs roughly $562 p/night.

The Six Senses Resorts’ description reads, “These villas are built on the edge of the water overlooking the bay’s coral, and with wooden steps leading directly to the sea they are an excellent launch pad for the snorkeling enthusiast. The villas face the tropical sunset and feature a private deck for sunbathing, and a plunge pool. Their split-level layout is over water, with lovely open plan bathrooms and an outdoor shower. Located at the eastern end of the bay they can be accessed by a scenic, hillside staircase ensuring absolute privacy. A stay in these havens of serenity will leave one totally enthralled.”

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