Updated: The Wolf Of Wall Street, Scorsese and DiCaprio Together Again

Originally Published on 01/17/2013

The Wolf Of Wall Street, the fifth collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, has just completed filming in New York City ahead of a 2013 release. Based on the book by disgraced trader Jordan Belfort, portrayed in the film by DiCaprio, the drama takes us inside the world of late 1980’s finance in New York, including to some of the dark corners inhabited by DiCaprio’s character. Having shot on location over five months in New York City, those familiar with the city will undoubtedly recognize a number of landmark locations to be featured in the film. In fact, as the NY Post reports, the final scenes were shot at the legendary Italian eatery Rao’s, just before Scorsese threw a huge wrap party at another Manhattan institution, Marquee nightclub. Stay tuned for a trailer. Trailer above.

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