The Tesla Model X

The much-buzzed-about Tesla Model X, the word’s first all-electric SUV, will soon be available for sale. Touted as the “safest, fastest, and most capable sport utility vehicle in history,” the Model X is available in fast 90D or ludicrously fast, and lets you go from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds flat. The car boasts a sensor-laden, over-engineered Falcon Wing rear doors that will literally work in even the tightest parking spots and require only a foot of clearance on either side, seating for up to seven adults (though a six-seat configuration is also available), autonomous capabilities, ample cargo space, a 560-watt, 17-speaker sound system designed to use as little power as possible, a 17-inch touchscreen control motherboard, and a glass panoramic windshield that extends up and over the front seat.

The SUV also includes a floor-mounted battery which lowers the risk of rollover for the vehicle, as well as a medical grade HEPA filter that strips outside air of pollen, bacteria, pollution, and viruses before circulating it into the cabin. The Model X continually scans the surrounding roadway with sonar, radar, and camera systems to provide the driver with real-time feedback to help avoid collisions; even at highway speeds, the Model X will apply breaks in an emergency. Seats are mounted on a single post to offer passengers the ability to independently recline, fold flat, and lean forward to over the most in legroom and under-the-seat storage.

Beginning at $132,000, estimated deliveries for new reservations will take place in late 2016.

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