The Smartwatches of Baselworld

Weeks before the Apple release, Baselworld 2015 showcased the future of smartwatches beyond what Apple had to offer. Overnight, the timepiece industry became rich in luxury, well-crafted mechanical pieces and Baselworld stood as the platform to introduce each to the world.

While time will only tell which watch will reign supreme, Wallpaper put together a comprehensive guide of all the connected watches debuted at Baselworld. The list begins with Bulgari’s Diagono Magnesium, the “100-percent Swiss, 100-percent security, 0-percent gadget” with its self-winding mechanical dial, chip and antenna for housing personal information, and ability to make payments, unlock the wearer’s and apartment, and activate alarm systems.

Wallpaper’s review includes the B55 Connected Breitling watch, a concept chronograph with timer functionality, smartphone Bluetooth technology, and the ability to operate a Breitling flight app from the wrist. The Casio Edifice EQB-510D also appears on the list and is poised to be Apple Watch’s biggest competition. The Casio features the brand’s standard solar-powered technology, but the EQB-510D is aimed travelers due to its automatic Bluetooth-operated smartphone technology that allows the watch to sync up to the local time wherever the wearer is while also showing the user’s “home” time. Additionally, you can receive incoming email notifications as well as set mobile phone alarm calls.

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