• Soho House - NY
  • Terranea - LA
  • The Peninsula - Chicago

The Seven Best Staycation Hotels

Summer may give way to extensively researched European getaways and Saturdays spent sunning by the pool, but not everyone has time between takes for a vacation. But Vogue promises staying local has never looked better – or been loaded with so many five-star amenities. Instead of sailing the high seas or jetting off to luxury destinations, Vogue hints a weekend spent at these seven lavish hotels won’t just restore and rejuvenate your spirits, it’ll leave you feeling more refreshed than a five-star vacation ever could. Some spend summer vacationing, others spend the season staycationing. If you fall into the latter camp, here’s where to book from LA to NYC.

The list begins with Terranea, 45-minutes outside of LA. Set on a 102-acre lot, Terranea offers oceanfront yoga, a Pilates studio, spa pool, golfing, paddleboarding, kayorking (kayaking and snorkeling), horseback riding, helicopter tours, and falconry. Vogue recommends booking an oceanfront Bungalow for a truly relaxing experience.

Soho House New York, folded neatly inside the heat-riddled city, features a much-loved, much sought-after rooftop pool complete with delicious crowd-pleasing cocktails. A screening room, Cowshed spa, and alfresco Italian-American eats. Instead of booking a Small room, Vogue teases a Medium booking is more than worth it.

In Chicago, the Peninsula Chicago features a private exercise room, grand piano, 2,000-square-foot furnished wraparound terrace overlooking Lake Michigan complete with a whirlpool. The hotel boasts a Sun Terrace, pool, spa, and an eclectic, diverse range of mealtime offerings from around the world.

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