‘The Sartorialist: X’ Garners High Praise

Though Scott Schuman has spent the past 10 years of his life cultivating and building an online community that celebrates street style in the many fashion capitals of the world, The Sartorialist: X marks his latest venture. The 511-page tome, completes the book trilogy, and according to Vogue, is “full of the type of candid shots that made Schuman a major player.” Of its release, Schuman said: “I really travelled the world to explore what style and beauty means to a host of different cultures. I went to Dubai, Kiev, Johannesburg, Morocco, northern India, Peru and the pictures from these faraway places juxtapose so nicely with the more established fashion capitals, as well as places like Bangkok and Mumbai. I find so much inspiration in diversity and in challenging my eye to appreciate unfamiliar [colors], patterns and shapes. In this sense, this is the book I’ve been waiting to do.”

Available for purchase through Amazon, The Sartorialist: X honors the unique styles of the world. Praise for the novel includes high marks from Harold Koda, the Curator in Charge at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who said Schuman’s “quest on the sidewalks of the world is like a gold miner sifting gravel for the rare pebbles of gold. Global fashion takes on new meaning through his work: as his subjects confirm, compelling personal style knows no boundaries!”

Kanye West also weighed in on the book’s influence: “Scott doesn’t just take pictures, he captures emotion. He is not just a photographer. He’s a historian marking the feeling of this generation one photo at a time.”

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