The Queen of the Night: Reinventing New York’s Dinner Theatre

The Queen of the Night, a now-infamous take on dinner theater in New York City, has leveled itself as a microcosm of the world-at-large: attune to your physical, emotional, and sensory desires, a willingness to ask for what you want, and rounds and rounds and rounds of cocktails. Performers flanked head-to-toe in bedazzled and bejeweled regalia engage, entice, and encourage your every want and whim.

The show, which is run out of the Paramount Hotel’s Diamond Horseshoe in converted Chelsea warehouse, is a dinner party version of Sleep No More, and encourages guests to interact with the scenes unfolding around them. While the night begins with a cocktail, guests are ushered into room dominated by tables and seated for a family-style meal – one that forces you to get creative to get the dishes you want – and are then treated to a rousing performance.

The Queen of the Night is loosely based on Mozart’s The Magic Flute, much like Sleep No More draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Tickets are available now through December 5.

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