The New TT Debuts as Audi’s Most Coveted Mistress

After breaking the embargo placed on Audi’s mysterious new ride at the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury car manufacturers have officially released photos of their third generation TT sports car.

Prior to the show, Audi had opted to release only a sketch of the latest model of the TT. But once the leaked sketches surfaced online, Audi had little choice but to go public ahead of the Motor Show.

The third generation TT won’t be available until 2015 and has yet to even be priced – it’s that new. But the sports car comes with a two-liter diesel engine that nearly doubles the TTS Quattro.

It looks much the same as the first and second generation TTs, but the latest model has taken a few cues from the Audi’s R8 supercar. Inside, the car has gone leaps and bounds forward, with instruments and a central digital unit known as the “Audi virtual cockpit” that display the auto’s futuristic disposition – and that’s not all. Thanks to the car’s lightweight design and modifications to its engine, the latest TT averages more than 67 miles per gallon on a base 2.0 TDI.

The future looks faster than ever.

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