The Concorde 2

Airbus recently won U.S. approval for a patented design to build an aircraft that was capable of flying at speeds of up to 4.5 times the speed of sound (and roughly three times faster than it’s predecessor which was retired in 2003). Flights would take off vertically, shooting straight up on a set of turbojets at which time rocket motors would propel you to 30,000 feet. A third set of engines — or more specifically, ramjets — would offer the final push to your final destination in roughly a fraction of the time.

Airbus is hoping to create an aircraft — the Concorde-2 — that can travel at supersonic speeds, carrying passengers from New York to London in little more than an hour, from London to San Fran in three hours, and San Francisco to Tokyo in, give or take, the same amount of time.

The design for the Concorde-2, according to CN Traveler looks little like the Concorde jet. This time around, it’s smaller, configured to hold just 20 passengers, and according to reports, Airbus has found a way to minimize the rattling noise and the sonic boom that comes with the unbelievably fast speeds.

Both ABC and CN Traveler doubt whether or not the Concorde-2 will ever get off the ground as a commercial airliner, but the current patent does allow for the possibility of use by the U.S. military.

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