The Best First-Class Cabins

Though luxury travel options on aircraft carriers are seemingly limitless these days, there’s still no clear guide for telling and understanding if the services you’re receiving are status quo or well above par. When you’re paying for a certain time The Telegraph recently put together reviews of all the first-class flight experiences offered by oft-traveled-by airliners: Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Qantas, Etihad, and British Airways.

As the grandfather of luxury air travel, British Airways was the first to offer travelers first-class travel, and the first flight it took place on was a trip between London and Paris in 1919. British Airways offers flyers fabric seating, a hanging wardrobe, split-level cupboard, a vanity mirror, large table, and two “bins.” Though there’s no Wi-Fi, they do offer a 23-inch fixed screen, lunches of salmon, poached lobster with lemon, Thai shallots, and salsify purée, and there’s also a cappuccino maker.

Qatar Airways offers travelers a champagne bar on board its A380 flights and is regularly decorated by freshly cut flowers and adorned with chandeliers outfitted in real gold. Their airliners boast the “biggest, plushest, softest in the sky,” with 90-inch seat pitch, a massage function, and 180-degree flatbeds. Missoni pajamas and slippers are complementary.

Singapore Airlines boasts mini-rooms with Italian leather walls and plantation-style shutters, Wi-Fi and more than 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment on a 23-inch screen for its first-class travelers. The Telegraph asserts that Singapore Airlines offers guests “the best in the sky” when it comes to service; they even offer first-class passengers their own terminal and pass-through private immigration, a private lounge, and security at their Changi home airport.

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