The Arash AF10

Beginning at $1.5 million, the Arash AF10 is like nothing the car market has ever set its eyes on before. You could compare it to the Bat mobile for all it shares in design likeness, but unlike the fictional car, the AF10 was build for the modern driver. Touting “spaceship technology” as one of the car’s founding principles, it boasts a tear drop cabin over a wing-plane surface, along with fixed-rear wing and moving front wing options. The car features five parts, four motors, and one petrol engine, and weighs in at just 280 kg overall. Each warp drive, the Arash site notes, boasts its own gearbox — two-speed for electric drivers and six-speed for the car’s petrol engine. And according to Uncrate, theAF10 produces a 2,100 horsepower, is capable of moving its carbon chassis from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. Drivers have a choice between paddle-shift steering or manual, and features a “carbon bathtub”-style interior.

The AF10 is clearly not for the feint of heart — and certainly not for cautious drivers. When it feels the need for speed, you’ll know.

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