The All-New Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Making its debut as the first Grand Tourer to combine rear-wheel steering with four-wheel drive, the brand new Ferrari GTC4Lusso boasts rear-wheel steering, a V12 engine, 680 horsepower, 208 miles per hour, and 3.2.-second 0-62 acceleration. According to Uncrate, the GTC4Lusso gets its name from the classic Prancing Horse entries like the 330 GTC and the 250 GT, while the “4” in its title is a nod to the car’s four seats.

Touted as the company’s “all new world” of performance, the GTC4Lusso hinges on sporty while also being sophisticated; innovative, but also elegant; versatile while also maintaining its power. On its site, the GTC4Lusso is dubbed as the design inspired to “deliver different and entirely surprising emotions” from its riders: the four-wheel drive combined with four-wheel steering offers an all-new type of performance. With a sleek, steely grey design, it’s no surprise that the latest Ferrari installment will turn heads. Though retail values have yet to be released, the car is gearing up for its fast-approaching debut.

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