Surf Air, The All-You-Can-Fly Private Airline

Surf Air, the nation’s first all-you-can-fly private airline membership designed for frequent flyers in California is revolutionizing the airline industry – and offering flyers an all-you-can-eat mentality. But instead of truffles, they’re serving up travel and for $1,599 a month, you can take a piece of the pie, too.

Jeff Potter, President and CEO of Surf Air, just raised $73 million and bought 65 Pilatus aircrafts. Fifteen of the new aircrafts will be financed by a $65 million senior facility from White Oak Global Advisors as well as $8 million equity round from new and returning investors. Surf Air includes flight service to San Francisco, La, Santa Barbara and Lake Tahoe (with more flights and locations on their way). Potter told Destination Luxury that Surf now offers weekend service to Las Vegas through a partnership with Advanced Air.

Potter added that Surf Air members all enjoy first-class air travel on Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12s with a full concierge and thirty-second booking options. He adds that there’s “no hassles, no hidden fees, no kidding!” and says that Surf’s job is to “democratize private air travel and put some fun into flying as well.” And they’re not just looking for wealthy travelers.

“Our target demographic is frequent regional travelers who want to save time and hassle in their commute for business or pleasure. We offer individual, corporate and family rates and plan the schedule and roots based on client feedback.” Potter follows up with, “Surf Air members are local business leaders from a wide range of industries or frequent flyers looking for a convenient way to visit their families or book weekend getaways. Members can network on-board or kick back and relax in executive seating designed by BMW.”

There’s no lines, no luggage fees – and as far as we can see, absolutely no problems.

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