STR/KE MVMENT Takes a Minimalistic Approach to Performance Wear

The unique athletic footwear and apparel brand, STR/KE MVMENT was founded on the principle idea that we’re all United by Movement. First launched in Vancouver in 2010, STR/KE MVMNT celebrated the success of its first shoe, the Interval in 2012, which was designed for a minimalist mid-foot strike cross-trainer platform that allows you to move naturally across any terrain under any circumstances.

Since the spoils of their first success, STR/KE MVMNT has garnered a dedicated cult following of athletes, trainers and movement enthusiasts all bound by the belief that motion and mobility promote a healthy community of fit and productive followers. In addition celebrating their own community, STR/KE MVMNT also aims to enrich the lives and wellbeing of others. Their goal is to establish a higher performance standard for athletes and active lifestylists alike – and they’re always pushing ahead.

Beyond footwear, their clothing takes on an identical minimalistic and targeted approach: To make men and women’s clothing that moves with your body so seamlessly that you’re curious if it was ever there at all.

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