Slim Aarons: A Life In Photographs

Though the famed photographer passed away more than a decade ago, the scale, scope and sophistication of his storied career have far surpassed his lifespan on earth. Aarons unearthed a new kind of celebrity, documenting the comings and goings of the 20th century’s most in-demand luminaries.

His mantra, “Attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” became his calling card an honor bestowed on him by the emotion and desire his photos evoked on audiences all throughout the world. And if ever a time existed where paparazzi would have deserved praise, it would have been at Aarons beckoning.

Instead of lining up to shoot stills of Clark Cable, Gary Cooper, Babe Paley, and Katharine Hepburn as they strode down the red carpet of yet another junket, Aarons was a part of their lives — vacationing with them, sunning on yachts, ringing in the New Year alongside the town’s brightest stars.

His ticket into their world meant a vantage point for an international audience; and Aarons confirmed life on the other side of the looking glass was just as sweet.

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