Rediscovering The Magic Of The Chelsea Hotel

Inside the Dream Palace: The Life and Times of New York’s Legendary Hotel, written by Sherill Tippins, tells the story of a forgotten New York. Dubbed the “hotbed of artistic invention and inspiration,” New York’s Chelsea Hotel has long stood as the heartbeat of the city’s artist community. Tippins’ story remembers the hotel in its earliest days — founded by a French architect in 1994 — to its importance today.

An editorial in DuJour dubs Tippins’ book as the depiction of “the building’s far-reaching influence on the art, plays, films, books, music,” while simultaneously proclaiming that the West 23rd Street hotel “changed New York City culture as a whole.” Using some of the hotel’s most beloved and famed inhabitants — Arthur Miller, Janis Joplin, Jackson Pollock, Thomas Wolfe, and William S. Burroughs, to name a few — Tippins weaves together the complex, storied, and mystifying tale of, as DuJour puts it, the “many different times of people coexisting together regardless of wealth, social status, or occupation.” Though the hotel was sold in 2011 and now is home to 80-plus full-time residents, Tippins’ story, and the author’s attitude, is one of pure hope. She tells DuJour, “I refuse to be pessimistic about the current state of the hotel. I feel that no matter what, the Chelsea survives.”

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