‘RE2PECT’: A Tribute to The Captain

Debuting for audience’s around the country on Tuesday as Derek Jeter played in his final All-Star Game, the “RE2PECT” video released by the Jordan Brand shows a veritable army of seasoned athletes, icons, moguls and coaches paying homage to the Yankee’s historic shortstop.

In the video Jeter walks to the plate and as is his signature fashion, tips his hat before the pitch is thrown. There, a tidal force of hat tips thunder through the crowd, from third base seats to nosebleed, from boardrooms to beer gardens, from recording studios to racetracks. The pop culture-approved list includes Joe Torre, Tiger Woods, Rudy Giuliani, Jay Z, Phil Jackson, Billy Crystal and dozens more, including Michael Jordan himself, proving just how far The Captain’s influence has been felt – and just how deeply New Yorkers are indebted to the living baseball legend. Even Sox and Mets fans raised their hats in unison for Jeter.

Hailed for his commitment to the game, his charitable endeavors and for making it through his career without a high profile scandal or arrested tattooed to his name, “RE2PECT” begins the slow-clap finale that’s fast approaching on Jeter’s storied career.

It may be The House That Ruth Built, but it’s most certainly The House That Jeter Called Home.

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