Ralph Lauren’s Bold New Brew

Ralph Lauren is introducing his customers to something a little different these days.

Ralph’s Coffee, the corner coffee shop on the second floor of the namesake brand’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, is a comfortable mix of modern and retro. Serving up four drip-coffee blends and two espressos to patrons and strangers alike, the chic new café is a nod to Lauren’s love of coffee, and to his taste for quality.

In order to make Ralph’s Coffee a reality, Lauren and co. partnered with La Colombe Torrefaction, a Philadelphia-based coffee unit that’s made a name for themselves throughout the world for their commitment to sustainability and satisfying taste, to bring his customers the very best brew a brick-and-mortar could offer. La Colombe worked closely with Lauren to develop coffees and espressos unique to Ralph’s Coffee, even sourcing help from Jean-Georges Vongerichtmen, Alain Ducasse and Mario Batali.

The coffee, much like the clothing, speaks for itself, and though there were many, many hands in the cookie jar from creation to development to production to sale, the coffees are signature Lauren. They were designed to stand the test of time and to do so flawlessly.

Though it’s his first foray into coffee-making, Lauren’s commitment to making a quality product ensures that it won’t be his last.

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