New Wireless Smart Headphones Aim to Streamline Your Workouts

The brand new Dash Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones seek to do away with the part users love least about listening to music: untangling (and the inevitable re-tangling) of the cord in between uses. The Gadget Flow named the Dash the new “benchmark in modern music speaker technology” for its ability to bring us out of the “age-old sphere of headphone cables” and into a new world of fitness, designed to track how long you’ve exercised for and how fast you’ve moved, all while delivering oxygen saturation levels and heart rate readings.

An ergonomic design means the headphones fit comfortably in your ear with a three-point secure fit that weighs less than 13.8 grams. It’s also designed to play without having a smartphone nearby, thanks to the 4GB/1000-song music player. There’s even an option of letting ambient sound pass through, if so desired.

You can preorder The Dash in black or white for $299.

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