NBA Playoffs 2019

As the NBA regular season winds down, it’s time to start getting excited about this year’s playoffs, where the most talented basketball players in the world are set for another shot at capturing the coveted Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. The trophy currently resides with the Golden State Warriors who defeated Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers this past June, but with so many great teams this year, the trophy Is definitely up for grabs this postseason. With just 18 games left in the regular season, teams in the bottom half of the conferences are fighting for a shot, to either stay in the playoff race or maintain and if possible improve upon their positions within the current standings. The biggest news coming out of the NBA right now is whether or not Lebron James and his Los Angeles Lakers will be able to battle back into the playoff picture and give Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors a run for their money this postseason. However, with the current standings in the Western Conference the way they are, we would see LeBron Miss the playoffs for just the third time in his carrier, with the other two coming in his first two seasons in the League. Lebron James has been to the NBA Finals nine times in his carrier with a record 8 consecutive finals appearances, however, he has only won three out of those nine appearances. This year’s playoffs are stacking up to be very interesting with “The King” potentially watching from his couch at home and the Golden State Warriors lacking consistency we might finally see fresh faces in this year’s Championship Race. Tickets for this year’s NBA Playoffs are not currently on sale, but you can sign up today and you could receive tickets to watch a game live as a “comp” for playing on

Whale’s NBA Playoff Outlook?

The 2019 Playoff outlook is building up to be very interesting. With teams trying to secure their spot in this year’s playoff picture, all remaining games are being played as finals. This year the current playoff picture is very exciting. In the western conference it is looking like the top seated Golden State Warriors will be taking on a battling eight seed in the Los Angeles Clippers, however with many teams still In the hunt, it will be intriguing to see if the Clippers can hold on to their spot.

The six remaining sports are currently occupied by the Denver Nuggets who are currently in the two seed taking on the seventh-seeded San Antonio Spurs, the third seed Houston Rockets taking on the sixth-seeded Utah Jazz and lastly the fourth-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder taking on the fifth-seeded Portland Trail Blazers with three teams in contention (Kings, Timberwolves and Lakers) to knock out the Los Angeles Clippers for that final playoff spot. Based on the current standings it is highly unlikely that any of those three teams will take over the eighth and final spot, but as they say in sports, it’s not over until it over. Moving on to the Eastern Conference, which has had a lot of volatility within the conference as of late, with many teams moving in and out of contention week to week. We have the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks taking on eight seeded Miami Heat, however, there is a big battle going on in that division with Charlotte and Orlando right on their heels. This is one that will definitely come down to the wire. Next up are the Toronto Raptors in the second seed taking on the Brooklyn Nets in the Seventh seed, followed by the Indiana pacer in the third spot taking on the Detroit Pistons in the sixth seed and lastly the Philadelphia 76’ers taking on the Boston Celtics in the fifth seed. This year’s playoff picture is building up to be very interesting and with just under twenty games left in the season, there is still room for changes in both conferences.

Whales Recommendations on Key Players to Watch

Even though the regular season isn’t quite finished yet, we wanted to give our readers some of the biggest names in basketball that could have a huge impact on their teams this postseason. Starting with the western conference we have the likes of Stephan Curry of the Golden State Warriors looking to make it to his 5th NBA finals and win his four championships and the coveted three-peat. Trying to derail the Raining champs are the likes of Russel Westbrook, James Harden, Isaiah Thomas and Ricky Rubio. Moving right along to the Eastern Conference, the Key impact players for this year’s playoffs in the East are Giannis Antetokounmpo for the Milwaukee Bucks who have been leading the Eastern Conference and look like they will clinch the top seed. Following up will be Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, Victor Oladipo of the Indiana Pacers, Joel Embid of the Philadelphia 76’ers, Kyrie Irving with the Boston Celtics and lastly in his last season in the NBA coming through with the 8th Seed is Dwayne Wade and his Miami Heat. All of these players have had amazing seasons and look to continue that success through the playoffs and into the NBA Finals, Hoping to win the most coveted trophy in the sport. Sign up to this postseason for all your betting options, who knows you might be able to see a game live next season thanks to our luxury hospitality benefits, which are offered and tailored to all our members. Sign up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

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