Monocle Releases 2014 Quality of Life Survey

As part of their eighth annual Quality of Life Survey, Monocle studied the measure of 25 cities around the world, factoring in everything from the “intangibles that keep the lights on in a community to the infrastructure that keeps it going.” Here’s what they found.

At 25, Brisbane landed on the list for the first time ever due in large part to the Gallery of Modern Art. Oslo, Norway came in at 24 while Portland, Oregon took the number 23 spot. The twenty-second honor went to Lisbon because of its entrepreneurial citizens while Barcelona nabbed a spot at 21 and Hamburg topped off the list at number 20.

A detailed look at who came in under the top 20 – and who garnered the number one spot – can be found on Monocle’s site. Here’s a hint: it’s nabbed the top honor before.

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