Mast Brothers Embark on London

The Mast Brothers, a chocolatier company founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by brothers Michael and Rick Mast, just opened their third locale and first official overseas venture in London. The new factory / shop / “brew bar” is in Shoreditch, surrounded by like-minded artisanal shops and retailers.

The small-batch NYC businessmen recently told Inc. magazine, “We’re already selling our chocolate bars all throughout Europe, but we never want to be just another chocolate bar on a shelf.” The move to London is their latest effort to give people real chocolate. “We want to return chocolate to the world,” Rick Mast said.

Rick and Michael source their organic cocoa beans from locations like Belize and Papua New Guinea and then they’re shipped by sailboat to Brooklyn. Once they’ve touched down stateside, they’re roasted, shelled and grinded together with cane sugar. Mast’s chocolate is expensive – about $10 per bar – but it’s truly a labor of love.

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