Maserati Celebrates One Hundred Years of Luxury Car-Making

Commemorating 100 years, “Maserati: A Century of History” spans the luxury carmakers storied history. Divided into three large sections, each marque focuses on a specific part of the famed designer’s history.

The first, signed by Luca Dal Monte, tells the story of the company’s history from the beginning, when production was concentrated only on racing cars, to the invention of the first GT and through the post-war period all the way until the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The book’s second section, signed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, known as the “Road Cars and Design,” studies the Maserati road cars, from the A6 1500 all the way through cars currently in production.

In the final section, co-authored by Cesare De Agostini and Gianni Cancellieri, the book deals solely with Maserati’s races. The section reveals the cars detailed history in the racing world from the start, when it was dubbed one of the pioneers of automobile racing.

At the close of the book there’s a box series devoted to particular competitive aspects like the great road speed records and the company’s speedboat racing history.

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