Las Vegas’ Montecristo Cigar Bar

The Montecristo Cigar Bar, housed in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, is the latest cigar bar to hit the City of Sin. Boasting more than 4,000-square-feet of space and some incredibly rare brands of cigars, the Montecristo is a nod to the decorum and exclusivity of the cigar-bar scene. Deep-stained wooden panels, furniture featuring beautifully, buttery-smooth leather, ample brass fixtures, and tons of rich mahogany touches, the Montecristo Cigar Bar very much bucks back against the age-old Las Vegas stereotype of glitz, glam, and glitter.

According to The Coolist, the Montecristo also features a walk-in humidor for quality storage as well as shelved-display area resembling a library. A 10-seat Vault Room is also available for rental inside the Montecristo. Current cigar and spirit pairings include: Patron Piedra Tequila and Ashton Symmetry Prism ($65), Avion 44 Tequila and Padron 1964 Torpedo Maduro ($60), Jefferson’s Oceans Bourbon and Henry Clay Brevas ($35), Casa Noble Anejo Tequila and Montecristo White Toro ($34), Jefferson’s Groth Bourbon and Montecristo Espada Ricasso ($38), and the Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum and La Flor Ligero Cabinet 500 ($29).

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