HondaJet Takes Its First Flight

As June descended into July, the first ever production of the HondaJet made its way up and into the skies. The jet, dubbed by its makers as a “breakthrough in aeronautics” for its over-the-wing engine placement, provides more cabin space, less noise and better fuel efficiency than almost every other jet on the market – and by 2015, the skies will most likely be flooded with them.

It took developers more than 10 years to put together the plane and the retail price of $4.5 million only reflects the craftsmanship and innovative edge the jet brings to the table. The jet comes in five different colors: Red, silver, yellow, blue and a brand new deep green with gold stripe. It flies at a cruising speed of 483; reaches up to 43,000 feet and can fit five passengers comfortably. Manufacturers have promised 55 jets during their first year. Luckily, they’ve booked two years of production.

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