Hinckley Yachtmakers Celebrate 100 Years of Luxury Craftsmanship

Celebrating more than eighty-five years as a mainstay in the yachting industry, “Hinckley Yachts” has traveled across oceans, seas and decades to capture the joy, serenity and excitement of the ultimate boating experience. The latest book, Hinckey Yachts: An American Icon, chronicles the luxury boat makers high quality, lasting beauty unique performance, rich history, legendary work and classic design from 1928 up until today.

Nick Voulgaris III, author of the book, first purchased a ‘68 Hinckley Bermuda 40 yawl in 2006. He then embarked on a stem-to-stem restoration, which sparked his obsession with the design, feel and function of the centuries old boat. Both historic and contemporary photographs ink the DNA behind Voulgaris’s latest book as a celebration of the boats integral role from the World War II era, the fiberglass revolution and the evolution of today’s modern yacht.

Alongside with essays contributed by well-known Hinckley owners like David Rockefeller, Chuck Townsend and Martha Stewart, Voulgaris was able to express the overall adoration and affection that Hinckley owners and enthusiasts share for the brand as it ventures into its next hundred years.

Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon is available online in the Rizzoli bookstore.

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