Getaway 2 Give Marries Bold Travel With a Good Cause

Getaway 2 Give (G2G) Collection, the latest luxury-vacation-club compendium now lets you pair your next getaway with a side of goodwill.

Created by an experienced and philanthropically-minded team determined to provide the most in luxury vacation, the veteran founders wanted to give their travelers an unparalleled opportunity to transform the world by giving back without sacrificing the comforts of indulgent travel. In addition to personalizing every whim and wonder of your travel experience, the G2G Collection goes above and beyond and donates half of each member’s $15,000 initiation fee to a charity of your choosing. The remaining cost (plus an annual $5,000 fee) is put towards unrivalled escapes, including chartered cruises throughout the Mediterranean, down the Panama Canal; stays at private villas in the heart of Utah’s Deer Valley, Turks and Caicos, Tuscany and more.

Upon arrival at your intended destination, be it South Africa or London, the G2G Collective greets guests with a private concierge responsible for coordinating transportation, dinner excursions, volunteer opportunities and daily treks. The end goal? Memorable travel mixed together with the knowledge that the world is a little better off than you left it.

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