Freemans Sporting Club, Exceptional Locally Sourced Menswear

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional menswear, and Freemans Sporting Club is a retailer that should be on your radar as well. Focused on offering modern interpretations of tried and true classics, F.S.C. is unyielding in their demand for product that is manufactured with traditional and rigorous standards. In addition to their demand for quality, F.S.C. espouses a philosophy of sourcing their goods from American producers, making every attempt to stock items that are made within mere miles of their New York and San Francisco locations. If you can’t make it into the stores, you’ll find everything available online as well, complete with the manufacturing details and the proximity from factory floor to F.S.C.

In addition to clothing and accessories, the Freemans brand includes dining and grooming establishments that also cater to customers seeking traditional and sensible services. Freemans restaurant was designed in the traditional of an early American tavern, a place to gather, talk, and enjoy classic food and drink. Along with the restaurant in NYC, you’ll also find two superb barbershops in New York, as well as their San Francisco location. Nothing gimmicky about F.S.C. Barber either, quite simply a place to get a great shave or haircut. They also offer an array of grooming products on the F.S.C. Barber site.

Across the board, the Freemans group of companies deliver the goods without unnecessary fluff.

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